NAD+ IV Drip For Brain Health and Cognitive Function

Woman medical professional setting up NAD+ IV Drip at Restore South Mt Pleasant

Initially it might sound like NAD+ is a simple variation of a regular IV drip therapy, but it is much more than that.

Besides all the valuable vitamins and minerals that are delivered to your body intravenously, it also contains a crucial component called NAD.

It’s a molecule that appears naturally in our bodies and is responsible for cellular repair, aging reduction, and many other metabolic and neurological functions.

As we age, NAD starts to wither away, and along with it, so do our bodies. We start showing more signs of aging, our brain function deteriorates, skin becomes wrinkled and dry, the whole nine yards. But the levels of NAD can be replenished, which is exactly what NAD+ IV drip therapy was designed for.

NAD and Brain Health

Your body will become energy-starved if NAD is absent. You will first notice symptoms in your nervous system because the brain uses more energy than any other organ.

If your brain isn’t getting enough energy you might notice:

Lack of Mental Clarity: You might discover that it’s difficult for you to fully focus on particular things. You might need more time to remember simple chores. You can feel as if you can’t fit pieces together so quickly or that you have a delay while trying to process information, especially when you’re talking to someone.

Declining Work Performance: You might also start noticing a decline in your work performance. Perhaps you experience daytime fatigue. It’s possible that other people are annoyed by how long you take to finish various activities. All of these signify a decline in brain health.

Deteriorating Personal Relationships: Your mental health affects your social interactions as well. Perhaps your loved ones think you’re not listening to them, or you’re wandering while they’re communicating with you.

These are only a few examples of poor brain health. The good news is that many of these issues can be solved with NAD IV Therapy for brain health.

What Role Does NAD Play in Brain Health?

By restoring brain cells, shielding them from harm, and boosting neuron activity, NAD contributes to the optimal functioning of your brain.

The mitochondria in the human body are responsible for the conversion of glucose from the food we eat into metabolic energy, which is then sent to the brain cells. Low NAD levels make it difficult for the mitochondria to produce enough energy from food to fuel the brain cells.

Your brain will run out of energy if NAD levels are too low. You will first experience negative symptoms in your neurological system since the brain uses more than one-third of all the energy you create.

By raising the levels of NAD in your system, you have the possibility to reduce the signs of aging, especially cognitive-related ones. Another possible benefit is the overall energy level you feel throughout the day.

With increased NAD, you’re basically protecting your brain from falling into the merciless hands of Father Time.

Can NAD+ IV Drip Therapy Help With Physical Damage to the Brain?

If your brain gets damaged, because of sports or any kind of injury, you also lose neurons.
The fewer neurons you have, the worse your cognitive abilities are, and if they completely die off, well, let’s say the resulting consequences are not good.

These injuries can also trigger some neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

The good news is NAD can also help with the healing process of your neurons.

It is possible to boost metabolic energy in the brain by increasing NAD levels. The lack of which is commonly associated with Parkinson’s.

Essentially NAD+ IV drip therapy has the potential ability to reverse some of the minor damage to your brain. It could also assist athletes and prevent them from severely damaging their brains.